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Venice, the romantic city on the water, with St. Mark's Square and the canals, the gondolas and the many tourists is the capital of the Veneto region – and it is home to a very special wine-growing region. Veneto is geographically the most diverse wine region of the Apennine Peninsula. Mountains, flat plains and coastal areas alternate here, so the soils and climatic conditions are very different depending on the area. As a result, the wines from Veneto also come in a wide range of tastes and qualities.75,315 hectares of land in Veneto are dedicated to the cultivation of vines. On 25% of this area grapes ripen for quality wines with the DOC label. The most famous child of the Veneto wine region is also one of the great representatives of Italian wine: Amarone. It can only be produced in the Valpolicella area, which is located in the western part of the Veneto region near the city of Verona. In our Flaschenpost shop you will find the great star Amarone, but of course we also present you a broad selection of other beautiful wines from the east of Italy.